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Special Discount on Single Cycle IVF Price
We are offering a special discounted price for IVF of $6,900 plus $1,000 for monitoring. Out of town patients can have most of their monitoring done close to home if desired. Call or e-mail our billing staff for details on this offer.
Helping Couples Have the Child of their Dreams

The staff at Reproductive Care Center (RCC), Utah’s first and leading infertility clinic, can help you realize your dream of having a baby. We know the financial, emotional, and physical stresses that can be associated with infertility treatments and we strive to provide you with the highest quality care in a compassionate setting.

Our infertility specialists and staff have extensive experience working with infertile couples and over 92% of our patients rate their care as excellent. We encourage you to review our patients’ comments from our internal surveys and the online physician rating sites. Infertility Video Seminar

A couple’s first concern is: “What are my chances of having a baby?” Treatment with oral medications is effective in 20-30% of infertile couples. If more aggressive therapy is needed, intrauterine insemination (IUI) is often a good lower cost treatment option. Cumulative pregnancy rates greater than 50% are expected within three IUI treatment cycles at Reproductive Care Center.

Sometimes IVF is required dependent upon the cause of infertility and previous treatments. However, the majority of couples become pregnant using other therapies.

Our IVF success rates are among the best in the Region and we offer 100% Money Back Guarantee IVF Programs. Ninety four percent of couples completing the IVF guarantee programs take home a baby. If a baby is not delivered after completing the program, your money is refunded. These funds can be used to pursue further treatments or adoption.

We don't want cost to keep couples from pursuing evaluation and treatment. We offer the lowest price for an IVF cycle in the Region and we have several programs to help control cost including IVF multiple cycle discounts, low interest financing, and income discounts. Our billing staff works closely with you to explain these programs.

The infertility specialists at RCC’s infertility clinics always offer the treatment most likely to result in pregnancy while considering factors such as personal circumstances and cost. We feel the best care results when you actively participate in your treatment and we are strongly committed to patient education. We have several educational videos available online.

We look forward to the honor of working with you to realize your goal of having a baby.

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